as of  January 2023:
Speeds are limited to either 100Mbps or 200Mbps. Later this year – after the fiber is connected at hwy36/Kiowa speeds will go up. Ultimately to Giagabit speed.
Maps below and coverage are approximate, coverage is not guaranteed.
We need clear line of sight to the respective tower – except where we have fiber in the ground already, like at Hopi Ct, Ute Crossing Ct and Eagle Dr.

Broadband is $148.00 per month – no matter whether the speed is 100 Mbps or higher. A 1TB data limit applies.

For broadband we are asking a one-time infrastructure contribution of $500.00. One-time per property

Update 5/22/2022:

We started working on the Pinewood fiber station, goal is to have it ready for testing by end of the month


Sample speeds tests from local Pinewood Springs clients