Settings-Wi-Fi-icon_1Please Read this Disclaimer and Terms in its entirety.

Client grants Xbar7, its agents and service representatives, permission to perform modification to Clients home or office property for the purpose of installing or troubleshooting computer and/or networking hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches or peripherals. Modification may include such practices as drilling through or disassembling furniture, walls, floors, carpet, or trim, laying and removing cabling and devices including affixing cabling and devices to furniture, walls, floors, or trim, using nails, screws, staples, hangers, or plastic ties.

xBar7 will install and own the necessary hardware, typically for a microwave connection a transceiver (aka radio)  and a WiFi router, for fiber optics to the house ( FTTH) a Optical Network Unit (ONU) and a WiFi router or an ONU with integrated router. xBar7’s professional router is required as the 1st device in clients premises. Those routers typically have 5 Ethernet ports, 4 of them are for client’s use.
In case a xBar7 device becomes defective during normal use, xBar7 will replace it free of charge. Damage by electrical storm (lightning), electrical surge, vandalism is not covered. Device upgrades to achieve higher bandwidth will be handled on a case by case basis.

The client is free to connect their own router to xBar7’s router.  xBar7 will on request disable the WiFi part of the router

Client further agrees to assume all liabilities regarding damages that may occur during the installation of said devices and services.

Client agrees to return all xBar7 equipment when client cancels service unless when a new client takes over and continues service at the same address.

Client Further agrees that Xbar7, its agents and service representatives, shall be held free of liability regarding the installation of said devices and services.

The service is for a single household or commercial space.
Any room or building, leased, rented to anyone or allowed to be used use by someone is an extra household. Sharing the service, either through a wired or wireless connection to a second household or to any party outside the customer premises – unless otherwise agreed to by xBar7 in writing via a service ticket – is not permitted.

Any changes to an clients account that affect billing – like changes to a different service plan, put service on hold, cancel service – in electronic form can only be accepted via a service ticket in our customer portal, or by written and signed letter. Changes will be confirmed in the ticket

We have don’t have long term contracts, service can be cancelled at any time with notice via support ticket 10 working days to the end of the current billing period. We do not prorate. Customer has to return out equipment unless agreed otherwise