Now you can Pay Online!

It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to use this feature.
Click on the link below and complete your payment information.
If you do not currently have a paypal account, you can either create one or sign in as a guest to complete your transaction.
See directions at the bottom of this page to complete your payment process on Paypal.

It’s fast and easy to use!
There are no hidden charges and xBar7 will not bill you for any handling fees!
Try it today!

1. Click on the Pay Now Paypal Link above.
2. Enter Customer Name in Item Description and Payment Amount in Item Price.
3. Click on Update
4. If you have a paypal account and wish to pay thru that account, sign in and complete the process.
5. If you do not have or want a paypal account, choose to continue as a guest.
6. Follow prompts until you receive the confirmation message.

Thank You for your payment.