Why a new ISP and why Xbar7

The Colorado flooding disaster of 2013 destroyed power and communications lines in and around Lyons, Colorado. Rural residents were completely cut off. Roads were washed out. Communication landlines were all down. Residents, cut off from the rest of Lyons, found themselves gathering on hilltops in the few spots that had cell tower access for what were colloquially dubbed “cellphone call parties”. This became the only way to communicate with family and friends or gather information about what was happening in the greater Denver area. While a temporary road was constructed, power, phone and internet remained down. It became apparent that phones and internet would not be restored for a very long time. Prior to the flooding internet access was still very difficult as there were limited dsl lines from the phone company and spotty coverage from alternate providers due to the mountainous, rural setting. Oskar Atkinson and Scott Campbell, 2 local residents, who are both IT professionals, decided to take steps to bring internet access to these residents.

Scott and Oskar were able to partner with the City of Longmont Power and Communications to bring in a fixed wireless connection. The new system was brought online at the first residence September the 24th at 9:30 pm. Within 12 days internet service was expanded to serve about 15 families.

We chose to name our company XBar7 Communications, LLC as a reference to the history of this area being one large ranch – XBar7 – which was subdivided into the Blue Mountain community.

We would like to recognize :
Oskar’s employer, ECi Software Solutions for donating his time to start up this project.|
Eric at hilltop-broadband for his support
Jay at webprodesignz for creating our website

Our goal is to provide fast, reliable internet service to this rural community. We believe that the residents of the greater unincorporated Lyons community should have access to dependable, affordable internet service.